Discovering a Pink Oasis

A white and pink oasis popped up among the grey tasteless buildings, one day while I was exploring a part of Munich, unknown to me. I had one of my favourite books and my camera with me so I went in with no hesitation.

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Cafe Lotti, Munich

About the Café:

So what made me name Lotti’s Cafe as a great place to read a book? Well, I guess it was the combination of the following in this order: I immersed myself in the relaxing atmosphere, sat at a comfortable sofa by the window, had a delicious, fresh mozzarella sandwich, took a sip from a good quality espresso and enjoyed a quietness rarely found at a cafe.

Cafe Lotti, Munich

Another element which makes this place unique is the use of local products from nearby villages; Lotti buys her cheese from Biokäserei Wohlfahrt, a family business in Edelsfeld; her coffee from Dinzler, a coffee roasting company in Irschenberg; and her cakes are based on her mother’s old recipes.


About the book:

Where do you begin when you want to write a review about a book, whose author is a physicist and has a Ph. D. in Mechanics of Fluids? How do you talk about its subject when it’s so sensitive and elusive? How do you write an online post about it, when you have only dared to discuss it with just a handful of your close friends? I believe that “The Double: How Does It Work?” is a personal book, in the sense that you can’t easily go around talking about it to people, because they will think you have lost your mind. It’s not because it contains some far fetched metaphysical theory but because its simple truth can scare people.

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Jean Pierre Garnier Malet first published this truth in 1988. He talked about the doubling of space and time and through this theory he proved that each one of us has a double self. By creating and preserving a connection with our double self, we are guided to make correct decisions in our lives. This guidance comes through intuitions, the “signs” which our double is sending us at our every waking moment. Malet has been giving lectures and conducting workshops where he shows how to establish such a “relationship” and begin to listen to our instincts. If I had to oversimplify it, I would say that he advises us to “talk” to our double in the form of a “prayer” before we go to bed at night… You can find out more here. Pythagoras (quoted in the book) had said, “ Let not sleep fall upon thy eyes till thou has thrice reviewed the transactions of the past day. Where have I turned aside from rectitude? What have I been doing? What have I left undone, which I ought to have done? Begin thus from the first act, and proceed; and, in conclusion, at the ill which thou hast done, be troubled, and rejoice for the good”.

“The Double: How Does It Work?” (first published in 2007) is abundant with references drawn from, as varied scientific fields as physics, philosophy and astronomy; it will encourage you to read more, to look for Plato’s “Timaios”, Pythagora’s Golden Verses, or even The Egyptian Book of the Dead; you will be intrigued to learn about the anti gravity theory and the Kuiper belt. Having said that, it’s disappointing not to see a full bibliography at the end of this book.

IMG_3720 - Version 2

Another drawback of the 2nd Greek edition is that, at times, it suffers from a clumsy and word for word translation (judging from the Amazon reviews, the same goes for the English version). Thus, it fails to convey the meaning in some of the parts where the argument is made primarily via scientific evidence. For example, in the chapter “The Sign of Jonah” , the scientific text is incomprehensible and the depiction of the Oort Cloud and solar system is simplistic and confusing.

In spite of its lack of clarity in some places, I highly recommend “The Double: How Does It Work” as a good starting point in exploring how our spiritual and physical worlds interact. To quote Jean Pierre Garnier Malet in his postscript, this book doesn’t have a moralistic character, it makes an effort to help you solve your problems by rendering no one responsible for them but yourself… it depends solely on you to figure out if this book has come close to its goal, whether it has served a useful and beneficial purpose in your own path of life.

Buy the Book via Amazon UK & Amazon US.

Cafe Lotti, Munich
Cafe Lotti, Munich

Cafe Lotti:

Opening times: Mon-Sun: 10:00 – 18:00 / Breakfast: 10:00-14:00 / Lunch dishes: 10:00-14:00/ Snacks: 12:00-18:00 Food/drinks: Tasty bagels / delicious soups / good quality coffee

Wifi: yes

Music: jazz

Ambient Noise: low

Web: Cafe Lotti

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